With over 50 years of experience in the self-storage industry, 180 Self-Storage can help you to maximize the value of your property and investment. 

180 Self-Storage can  provide a wide variety of services including property management, construction management, due diligence, development/acquisition/redevelopment, and feasibility studies.

Development/Acquisition/Redevelopment Feasibility:

A successful development, acquisition, or redevelopment starts with a thorough feasibility study that analyzes trade area and industry data and its relationship to a specific property.  An owner can utilize this information to determine the viability of a self-storage development, acquisition or redevelopment, based on trade area supply and demand. The 180 Self-Storage feasibility study also provides key recommendations regarding unit mix, unit pricing, product type, marketing and property management.  This report can also be used to communicate investment return expectations in order to raise capital and secure financing.

         Click Here to View a Sample Feasibility Study

Construction Management:

Let 180 Self-Storage provide you with the experience necessary to review an acquisition for deferred maintenance, develop a capital expenditure plan, evaluate a development site, and develop a comprehensive project budget.  180 Self-Storage can coordinate your design professionals, competitively price your project and manage the construction process from preliminary design to store opening.  180 Self-Storage can coordinate all storage industry professionals from security to signage to enhance the process and save you time and money.

Entitlement and Due Diligence Services:

Have a property you are interested in or under contract?  180 Self-Storage can provide all the due diligence services necessary to ensure that you have the most up to date information to make decisions regarding your acquisition.

180 Self-Storage also provides entitlement services for development and redevelopment projects.  We manage and guide the jurisdictional process to ensure a smooth and expeditious approval of your development or redevelopment.

Operations Consulting:

180 Self-Storage can review your current operating trends and will provide a comprehensive analysis of those trends with recommendations on how to better create traffic at the store, enhance curb appeal, effectively manage rates, and improve phone and sales skills. 



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