Property Management

The 180 Self-Storage management philosophy is to ensure that our management team creates the best possible experience for all customers.  We accomplish this by recruiting high caliber individuals and having continuous training programs focused on superior quality salesmanship and customer service.  Our philosophy coupled with our continuous training programs generate higher revenues and increased cash flow to owners. 

180 Self-Storage provides:

  • Quality Telephone & Sales Training
  • Customer Service Training
  • Property Specific Pricing and Rent Up Strategies
  • Employee Recruiting, Training and Supervision
  • Clean & Operational Standards
  • Balanced Internet and Print Media Marketing Plans
  • Call Center Management
  • Vendor and Operating Expense Management
  • Retail Sales and Ancillary Product Sales Training
  • R&M Procedures and Capital Improvement Coordination
  • Accounting Services and Financial Reporting
  • Security Procedures (Lock Checks, Audits)

Let our REIT experience provide you with peace of mind and a focus on your investment cash flow and returns.  Your success is our focus.  We take the responsibility of managing for others seriously and treat all owners with the utmost integrity.    

“The Turnaround Company”

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